Slatts: Meat Pie of the Week

G’day, all.

Such a pleasure to have sporting variety at this time of year. Normally, it’s a pretty empty sporting menu dominated by the equine athletes, and a bit of Shefield Shield but we’ve been blessed that somebody in sportsland has rewarded us Sports tragics with some action in October.

So from a pretty chock-a-block set of available sporting options over the last week, I’ve selected a top 3, including the Meat Pie of the week.

3. Women’s Ashes

Love cricket-best game on the planet. So it’s great to be able to watch the girls wearing the creams and wide-brimmed canary yellow, shining the cherry, hitting good areas and clearing pickets.  Whilst we didn’t get the chocolates yesterday, how good does it feel to be 2-1 up in the multi-faceted series? Bloody marvellous, that’s what!

The team now have a week or so break before the one-off day/night test, then into three Twenty-20s.

2. Fast 5 Netty World Series

Love my Netty, too. The best sporting moment for mine over the last few years, was the QLD Firebird’s double-extra-time thrilling win against the NSW Swifts. Still gets the juices flowing. Anyhoo, back on task… Fast5 Netty World Series.  Even though the event was finally won by the Poms, I really enjoyed the weekend’s Fast 5 caper. Six minute quarters, with five players on the court, makes for short-sharp entertainment. Just perfect for us with limited concentration spans.  In addition, innovations such as power plays (double points for scoring shots) and scoring from outside the circle meshed smoothly to deliver a pretty exciting games.

Yet, whilst cheering on the Diamonds, tinny in hand, as any red-blooded Emu would do, I couldn’t help thinking why?  Why have a Fast5 version of the game? Us Emus applaud innovation. So, no major issues here, really. I just think that Netball is already a bloody exciting, free flowing sport.

So Fast 5 does not necessarily work as well, as say, rugby 7s does. Where the 15s version can be (or is, depending on your footy preferences) a bit pedestrian at times. Sevens works because 15s is (can be) boring -there is a definite value add there. Netty is definitely not boring-it’s already exciting, so Fast 5 is probably not a big enough change up.

Anyhoo, just an observation.

And, yeah, up the Diamonds! Looking forward to beering n cheering them on in next year’s Comm Games!


1. Rugby League World Cup

This week’s Meat Pie of the week goes to the Rugby League World Cup.  Are you not sure what to make of the Rugby League World Cup? Do you question its legitimacy?

Does it matter that there’s not many domestic competitions outside, Australia and England of any distinction? Does it matter that approximately 90% of the players in this World Cup play in Australia? There weren’t too many media shots of teams coming through customs, that’s for sure. Most of ‘em where already here, playing in the NRL, Intrust Cups, or local comps.

Look, I reckon questions of legitimacy are misplaced. What’s of more relevance, is whether the event is successful or not. A lot of recourses (time, effort, dosh and humans) have been directed by rugby league organisations and governments to hosting this event. Success, or return on investment is all that matters.

As far as I’m concerned, if the games are exciting, and relatively close (soccer is probably the only World Cup devoid of thrashings), and people are filling stadiums, and clocking up good times in front of the tellie, then I think it’s been a worthy investment.

It has been a tremendous idea to take a fair bit of the comp to the Aussie regions and New Zealand. Plus, I reckon staging of this World Cup, the addition of the Women’s version, and the qualifying process is tied to larger strategic objectives such as Olympic and Commonwealth Games intentions (as is the League nines concept, but that’s getting off topic). Looking forward to the Women’s version kicking off toward the end of November.

So far, so good I reckon. Solid crowds, no rediuclously big blow-outs. And even an upset of sorts with PNG dishing up the Irish (but, for the learned Emus, we are very aware of the progress of PNG rugby league, so maybe not so much an upset. Rather a side reaching its potential).

Look, we’re talking league (actually playing of the game rather than off-field atrocities) in October/November, so that’s a positive to start with.

So, the Rugby League World Cup gets my Meat Pie of the week award.

Oh, and up the Kangaroos and Jillaroos!

Cheers to the Emus!


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