Losing to New Zealand: A National Crisis

We like to have fun and games here at The Emus, but it’s time to get serious about something.

The biggest national crisis in Australian history is in full force, and our so-called ‘leaders’ continue to turn a blind eye.

We’re talking, of course, about our sporting teams regularly getting beaten by the Kiwis.

Just this past weekend, our netball and men’s rugby league teams both went down to New Zealand sides they should’ve belted.

First thing’s first: Well done to the Jillaroos for hanging tough and snatching a late win in the women’s rugby league test – that’s exactly the sort of fight we expect to see from our sporting heroes.

But aside from that, our recent history is pretty bloody grim.

The Diamonds are the undisputed number one side in the world, had beaten the Kiwis on nine straight occasions and had a chance to wrap up the Constellation Cup. They got flogged.

The Kangaroos, reigning world champs and on a 13-game winning streak took on a Kiwi side that a year ago lost to both Tonga and Fiji on home soil. They were completely outplayed and needed a big finish just to make it close.

What about the Commonwealth Games – we kicked arse there, didn’t we? True, but in one of the marquee showdowns of the event the Hockeyroos went down to the Kiwis 4-1 in the Gold Medal game and it still hurts.

And the less said about the Bledisloe Cup the better, but we’ll say it anyway. Apart from last year’s dead rubber, the All Blacks have now won eight straight against us, and seven of those wins were by more than 20 points. We know we’ll lose a few to All Blacks here and there, but we at least expect to see 80 minutes of effort, courage and character. That isn’t happening at the moment.

When did this become acceptable? We remember a time when losing to New Zealand at anything was considered a national disaster, yet here we are gifting them wins left, right and centre.

Where’s the passion? Where’s the fury? And most importantly, where’s the action?

We as a nation need to stop acting like it’s OK to just lose to New Zealand all the time.

Maybe if our politicians actually did their job of ensuring our national prosperity instead of sitting around playing some sort of pretend Game of Thrones nonsense we wouldn’t be in this mess, but we can’t rely on them for anything these days so it’s up to us, the fans, to make sure our sports teams know just how much it means to us.

Let’s get out there and be heard, or else it’s only a matter of time before we’re all drinking Steinlagers from our chilly bins.

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