Dad Preparing a Greentop for First Backyard Cricket Game of the Season

A Brisbane father is pulling out all the stops ahead of this weekend’s backyard cricket season-opener, revealing plans today for a pace-friendly wicket in a bid to re-assert his dominance over his competitors.

Long regarded as a backyard cricket gun amongst his peers, 38 year-old carpenter Kevin Milroy’s reputation took a battering last summer as he was regularly carted all over the yard by his teenage sons.

Twins Kai and Cody finally overcame their status as whipping boys last year with a series of powerhouse knocks that left their older competitors shellshocked, with Dad copping the full brunt of their puberty-inspired breakthroughs.

‘We’d always gone a bit easier on the boys – you know, make them feel like they were doing well, giving them a chance to enjoy the game as you do with kids – but they never felt like a serious threat,’ Kevin told us.

‘But first ball of last summer Kai took the strike so I took a bit of pace off the ball and he smashed it about six houses down the road. Cody was the same too – it was almost as if they made it their personal mission to make me look like a complete goose.’

While he acknowledges the boys’ sudden growth sport as a factor in their newfound dominance, Kevin also believes the conditions suited them perfectly, something he is determined to change this season.

‘Last summer was pretty dry and we played on a lot of dead pitches, and everyone knows that makes life a lot easier for the batsmen,’ he said.

‘Luckily, we’ve had a ton of rain in Brissie this week so they’ll have no idea what hit them when confronted with the greentop I’ve been curating in the backyard.’

‘They made it perfectly clear last summer that they’re men now, so as far as I’m concerned I’ve got free rein to bounce the shit out of them.’



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