Punter Laughed Out of Pub After Placing Bet on Cox Plate

A horse racing enthusiast was laughed out of his local earlier today after placing an ill-judged bet on Saturday’s Cox Plate.

The punter found himself on the end of an absolute carve-up from all in attendance after announcing he would be betting on a horse other than Winx.

‘I reckon Winx’s time is up – the Godolphin horse is good enough to knock her off,’ he said, to a chorus of raucous laughter from his drinking buddies.

‘Seriously, she’s just scraped home in nearly every race she’s been in over the last couple of years and Benbatl is easily the best horse that’s been put up against her – nine bucks is cracking value,’ he continues, as the surrounding laughter grew in both length and intensity.

While the punter, known to his mates as Bazza, is sticking to his guns and placing a fifty on the Godolphin runner, he admits to being a little hurt by the incident.

‘Mate, I’ve been giving those idiots hot tips for years and a lot of those blokes have done very well off my mail, so I’m not real happy about the pointing and laughing and that one guy yelling out that I’m a dickhead,’ Bazza told us.

‘But we’ll see who’s laughing on Saturday when I collect my 450 bucks while the rest of Australia cries into their beers.

For the record, Bazza really is a dickhead and has no credibility whatsoever.

Winx, you’ve got this mate.

Go you good thing!

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