Cricket Australia to Launch Review of Review

Cricket Australia have responded to widespread criticism of the ‘Longstaff Review’ today by announcing they will be conducting a review of it.

Since the findings and recommendations of the review were revealed to the public this week, Cricket Australia has come under fire from fans and commentators alike for being as soft and useless as our middle order.

For much of the public, the vibe of the Longstaff Review is that Cricket Australia wants to coddle its players and treat them like children, with the recommendations listed in the review lifted straight out of the primary school teacher’s manual.

The governing body today revealed it would be taking the criticism on board, revealing they have already begun drafting a response.

‘We always listen to the fans and it is clear that they are not impressed with the Longstaff Review, so we will launch an immediate review to investigate why it hasn’t met expectations,’ a Cricket Australia insider said.

‘This review is expected to provide a detailed overview of the problems found in the Longstaff Review, and we will use that information to help improve our performance in future reviews.’

The CA source also revealed they will implement their recommendations in their eventual review of the new review.


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