Cricket Australia to Start Scouting Backyard Games

Backyard cricket matches across Australia are set to take on added significance, with reports emerging that games will soon be scouted by Cricket Australia.

With the national team in complete chaos at the moment and Sheffield Shield players not stepping up to the plate, cricket officials are set to look further afield for the stars who will take us back to the top of the game.

‘One of our recommendations in last week’s CA review was to renew interest at the grassroots level, and backyard cricket is as grassroots as it gets,’ said a CA spokesperson.

‘This will help us identify not only young talent that we can nurture, but also those who might have slipped through the cracks over the years,’ he continued.

‘For example, there’s talk of a bloke over in Perth who’s absolutely dominated against his old man’s off-spin over the last couple of weeks – in previous years the idea of a 45 year-old truck driver getting a baggy green would’ve seemed ridiculous, but under this new strategy backyard beasts like him will have an opportunity to force their way into the side.’

While some have suggested that picking players on backyard cricket form would devalue the baggy green, most fans are in favour of the proposal, claiming that some of our recent performances have already done that.


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