Social Golfer Completes Entire Round Without a Single Practice Swing

A casual golfer still on his 36 handicap is being hailed as a hero today after playing a full 18 holes without taking any dubious ‘practice swings’.

In what is believed to be a world-first, novice linksman Matty McAllister took the bold step of acknowledging that every single one of his air-swings throughout the round was a genuine attempt to strike the ball, rather than following the time-honoured tradition of claiming a practice swing.

While he expected to be ridiculed for his final score of +91, he was instead greeted with a round of applause upon handing in his scorecard, with many in the clubhouse personally congratulating him on his extraordinary feat.

‘That might be the greatest act of bravery I’ve ever seen on the golf course,’ said 83 year-old life member Merv.

‘Even I still take the occasional practice swing, and I’ve been playing since woods were still made from wood,’

Matty’s playing partner Barry Bradshaw couldn’t believe what he was witnessing.

‘On one hole he missed with his first three tee shots, marked them all on his card and said he could still make if he nailed it with next shot,’

He did not, however, clipping the top of the ball as it rolled down an embankment and into the drink.

‘He even took the penalty for the water hazard despite the fact he still had a playable lie – any other bloke would’ve just tried to hack it out of there,’


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