Delusional Suns Fan Stoked with Draft Haul

A Gold Coast Suns fan has been left with a monumental case of false hope after the club snagged three of the game’s best young prospects in the first round of the AFL Draft.

Danny Dale, who has stuck with the club since its humble beginnings all the way through to its even humbler present, believes the selections of Jack Lukosius, Izak Rankine and Ben King will propel the Suns to multiple flags some day.

‘Getting three of the best players in the best draft class we’ve had in years – mate, I wouldn’t be surprised if we look back on today as the start of something special for the Suns,’ he said.

However, while nobody is denying the talent of the new trio, friends of Dale were quick to point out that it was still the Suns that drafted them and as such they will be long gone by the time they reach their potential.

‘He’s dreaming if he thinks Lukosius and Rankine will still be there in five years. Come to think of it, he’ll be lucky if the Suns are still there in five years,’ said his mate Ricky.

‘Those two will be Crows in a couple of years and we all know there’s an unwritten rule that brothers should be playing for the same club – especially twins – so Kingy already has one foot in the door at St. Kilda, because there’s no way the Suns are getting Maxy up there,’ he continued.

‘Best case scenario is they’ll trade them for high draft picks in a few years so the cycle can continue,’



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