Mundine Plans to Continue Trash-Talking Career

Media outlets across Australia breathed a huge sigh of relief today as it was revealed that Anthony Mundine’s looming retirement from boxing would not be extended to his out-of-the-ring antics.

It was feared by some that Mundine would back away from making outlandish public statements once his in-ring career comes to an end on Friday night, however ‘The Man’ was quick to ease such concerns, letting reporters know that he’s here to stay on that front.

‘I was really worried there for a while – I thought I was going to have to start calling contacts and setting up interviews for quotes again, but now that I know I can just wait for a Mundine special to fall into my lap like I usually do it’s really put my mind at ease,’ said one seasoned journo.

Mundine’s history of running his mouth goes all the way back to his rugby league days, with gems such as his self-imposed sex ban and claiming he was the world’s best player on several occasions in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Now on the verge of calling it a day after a controversial but very successful career across the two sports, Mundine has no plans to fade from public view and with a bit of extra time on his hands may even become a bigger media presence than ever before.

‘This is great news for sports journos around the country – say what you will about the bloke but he makes this job so much easier for us,’ said another back page scribe.

It’s understood Mundine plans to hold yet another press conference in the coming days where he will reveal his plans for the immediate future, as well as probably launching some kind of personal attack on whoever it is that’s bothering him on the day.


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