Whose Bright Idea Was it to Push Back the Gabba Test?

This is ridiculous.

Christmas is nearly here, the heat is regularly up in the 30s, and yet we still haven’t played a home test match.

Bagging Cricket Australia is fast becoming a more popular sport than the game itself, and as long as they’re making catastrophic  decisions like this it’s not hard to see why.

We should be a couple of tests deep into the summer by now, but instead all we’ve had are a few throwaway one-dayers and T20s that half of us couldn’t even watch because they were only on Foxtel.

So all that was really accomplished there was leaving the Aussie public with a major case of cricketing blue balls.

But that’s only half the problem.

We’re going into a series against India, the world’s top-ranked test side, while our own side as at an all-time low. They’ve never beaten us in a series over here and would have to be pretty confident they’re about to break their duck.

Earlier this year, Cricket Australia said The Gabba had been ‘demoted as a test venue’ in a feeble attempt to justify the decision.

What he really meant was ‘we can make more money if we play India at the new stadium in Perth.’

Now, Optus Stadium’s a nice venue and all, but there’s one thing The Gabba has that it probably never will, and that’s a 30-year undefeated streak.

Basically, Cricket Australia have thrown away our biggest advantage against the world’s best team in the name of chasing a few bucks, and will instead be wasting it on Australia Day against Sri Lanka, who have never even won a single test in this country.

They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well congratulations guys – you’ve managed to fix just about the only thing that wasn’t.

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