Selectors Consider Just Picking Ten Bowlers for Boxing Day Test

The Australian test selection panel is considering a radical change in strategy ahead of Friday’s must-win clash with India in Perth after the heartbreaking defeat in Adelaide on Monday.

Australia’s top-order difficulties yet again cost the side a very winnable match, and with the bowlers putting in some mighty all-round performances for no reward there is a sense that it might not be a bad idea to just pick a team full of bowlers if the top six can’t aim up in Perth this weekend.

‘Honestly, the tailenders are batting just as well as our batsmen, if not better, so we might as well just load the team up with bowlers and see what happens,’ said chief selector Trevor Hohns in the aftermath of Monday’s agonising loss.

‘Our best batsman across both innings was our number 10, who also happened to be our best bowler as well, and if he can come out and make a quick unbeaten 30-odd and make it look easy then there’s really no excuse for what our top order dished up.’

While stacking the team with bowlers might seem like a recipe for disaster, the selectors are fast running out of options to reverse the side’s fortunes.

‘Unfortunately, science hasn’t progressed to the point where we can just splice the DNA of past greats with our current mob, so if we lose in Perth we’ll just have to drop all our batsmen and go in with a ten-man tail,’ said Hohns.

‘At least we know there’s a good chance it’ll wag.’

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