The Emus – Australian Sports Fans is a group for patriotic Australians to come together to support Aussies doing good on the world stage.

Traditionally Emus have been those guys that have gone on tour to play the midweek games.  They’ve had the task of being cannon fodder on the training paddock and making sure the esky is never dry.

But it goes much further than that – the big task is to lead from the front in cheering on our guys and girls on the world stage.

The Emus are for everybody from the guys that sit the bench for the Wallabies through to the couch warriors who sit through every ball of the cricket with tinny in hand.

The Emus are a free group to join as long as you are a devoted Aussie Sports Fan and prepared to cheer them on day or night from your place in front of the TV, at the pub or in person at the games.

Join me in yelling, screaming and celebrating Aussies doing good.

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Go Australia

Cheers to the Emus!

Peter ‘Slatts’ Slattery
17 Wallabies Caps 1990-1995
1991 Rugby World Cup Winner
Proud Emu – Australian Sports Fan

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